Encourage Promote Support
Develop a stronger unified presence/identity to communicate with existing economic developers:

Enable enhancement of existing Triangle area businesses and promote development opportunities for new ones.

Establish and link Triangle communities' listings of available sites for development.

Become a conduit for networking that benefits the triangle area, its organizations, and residents.

Cooperation between Triangle Communities:

Enhance existing, and develop new area-wide public and private services.

Share additional services between local governments such as volume purchasing, etc.

Encourage rural entreprenuership in triangle Communities


Encourage youth to become a greater part of their community and reward one senior high school student every year for their past and continued service to their community by providing a college scholarship in the amount of $500.00.


Encourage development of a bicycle routethrough BikeConnectHOI, coordinateda tri-county bike route throughout Peoria, tazewell, and Woodford Counties;

Promote recreational opportunities throughout the region, such as river canoeing, horse trail-rides, safe bike paths, traveling sports teams and host tournaments.


  1. Establish the Triangle of Opportunity in 1993
  2. Organized the Mapping process for Atlanta, Danvers, & Hopedale, IL.
  3. Helped to create the Atlanta "A" Team to promote business, education,beautification & preservation of thier heritage.
  4. Assisted with the creation of Hopedale Betterment Association
  5. Created the Minier Economic Developement Council
  6. Compiled and Distributed the Triangle Business Directory in 1995 and 1997.
  7. Conducted the inaugural bicycle tour in 1996
  8. distributed 2000 calendars and 7500 copies of the Business Directory in 1997
  9. Shared community resources through Business After Hours events
  10. Promoted the Tremont Commerce Association Business expo and Food Fair in 1999
  11. Established networking between member communities
  12. Compiled and distributed business Directory in 2000/2001
  13. Promoted tourism in the triangle area
  14. Established the triangle of Opportunity website in 2007
  15. Compiled and distributed 10,000 copies of business directory
  16. Awarded a $500 scholarship to Brittany Doble, a senior from Dee-Mack High School in 2011
  17. Awarded a $500 scholarship to Lindsay Morr, A senior from Olympia High School in 2011
  18. Compiled a color brochure showing tourism sites within the triangle, highlighting Armington, Atlanta, Danvers, Funk's grove, Goodfield, Hopedale, Mackinaw, Minier, Stanford and Tremont
  19. Donated funds to st. Jude Children's research hospital with proceeds from 2012 Annual Bike Tour.
  20. Awarded $500 Scholarship to Caleb Seaton, a senior from Morton High School in 2013
  21. Donated funds to Heart of Illinois Downs Syndrom Association from proceeds from 2013 Bike Tour
  22. Donated funds to family needing shelter after 2013 tornado
  23. Donated to education fund for children of local man killed in military training exercise, Reid Nannon
  24. Donated funds from the 2014 Triangle Bike Tour to the area Junior Achievement.



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